Poem: You Have Been Warned

You can try all you want
I will never flinch or recoil
Even with your vicious taunts
And baited line that I am supposed to bite and be dragged by

And then when I don’t reply
I will not react to the implications
Of violence and your degrading words
I don’t give a fuck if you have a thirst for a reaction
I’d rather rip out your tongue
Let you drown and choke on your own blood
There, drink that

But I am a mere child
What could I do to you?
Listen up, pig, I could do a lot more harm than you’d think
Sweet but deadly


I am smart enough to know the consequences to such actions
But do you know the consequences to yours?
And so I will calmly deflect you, pretend I never stepped in your vile stain,
as I walk away,
down the street.